Your Wellness Blog!

Hello All!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan and I have been in the Wellness Industry Professionally since 1998. Since then I have researched so much information to try and get to the Real Truth about Health and Wellness. Along the way I have given thousands of Massages and Nutritional advice to try and create a Positive Ripple Effect through the communities in which I was residing. I currently live in Portland, Oregon and am going to Fitness/ Nutrition School. I am lucky enough to have one of the Best Instructors in the Country. The Blog that I am creating at the Present moment is an opportunity for YOU to get information that would not otherwise be available. I have been taught by many Masters and want to share my Information to those who will be guided to this Blog. I have always been a truth seeker and my patience and intuition has really paid off because I am in great physical and mental health.

So I invite anyone who wants to read about the best ways to get out of pain and how to really get Yourself to a place of Pure Health. This won’t be easy, there is no real magic pill or potion. There is however a SAFE and NATURAL way to get in shape and be released from pain. In the coming Days I will put info that I deem very Important to your health so visit often!!!!