Your Best Heart

What are the most important keys to a Healthy Heart?

1) Low Stress. Don’t get me wrong some stress is fine. It helps you perform and take action but if you get to the point of Chronic Stress this can become a Major Problem. I really can’t believe how many people underestimate the power of stress hormones on the body. Most people who have conditioned themselves to get Stressed out feel overwhelmed and victimized by the way they feel. They believe there is no other way and don’t make themselves accountable for their own thoughts. The Limbic System or the Emotional part of the Brain is in charge of getting Oxygen and Blood to the Muscles. When you get stress those vessels constrict and the vital nourishment can not get to those muscles as easily. So you see what you are thinking throughout the day in the privacy of your own mind correlates how you physically feel. This is why most pains are Emotional because they are caused by YOUR OWN STRESSFUL THOUGHTS! How do you change your thoughts? When you become AWARE that Your thoughts are POWERFUL and release hurtful hormones (Chemical Messengers) in the body then You can become a responsible thinker. Positivity is so much stronger than negativity so the more Positive you think the easier it will be!?

Supplements that help calm your Brain are 5-HTP, Coromega, L-Theanine, you can get these at 5-HTP and L-Theanine under NSI products. All supplements have been well researched and pose no side effects and I have been taking them myself with positive effects.?