Why should I get a Massage?

This is a great Question and let’s face it a Massage is not cheap. Well there are so many reasons that I will only list a few here.

  1. A massage Relaxes you. This is from my view the most important reason to get a massage. What you think and feel about yourself and others is in many instances worse for you than a bad diet. If you have any extra fat around the stomach area stress triggers your fat cells to release toxins over your internal organs. Sounds gross and unhealthy, right?! Massage changes your view of the world and connects you to the people around you. Things that seemed overwhelming change into tasks that can be accomplished. Massage releases anti stress hormones that calm your body and mind and let you get a great nights sleep that your body has been craving. This is where massage really does trigger a Detox.
  2. If you don’t exercise your tissues need to pump out the lactic acid build up. Your muscles are like pumps that clear your tissue of acid and toxins. If you do not activate this mechanism you will feel depressed, tired, irritable and disappointed in your place in this world. Massage and exercise both trigger these pumps (Muscles) to do their jobs. Choose one activity or both and feel extra Good.
  3. A massage a month keeps your subconscious from burning out. If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, such as a wonderful massage, then that is a very long dark tunnel. Your mind, body, spirit need to feel like there will be a time to recharge and escape from reality. The thought of ongoing appointments of a Monthly or Bi-Weekly Massage puts you in a mindset that you can handle it because you will know that you can let it all go during the massage. It works. Instead of freaking out you will say to yourself, “luckily I have that massage next week.” You train your mind body connection to recondition itself enabling you to be a strong individual ready to take on any challenge!
  4. Many massage therapists have been trained to look at Moles or ticks and if they suspect anything out of the ordinary they can refer you to a Dermatologist.

As you can see I can go on and on but the best advice I can give you is to experience one for yourself. One of your friends or co-workers has probably heard of a great Massage Therapist in your town so just ask, IT JUST MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE!