What is the most important Piece to Your Wellness Puzzle?

After doing all of my research over the years it is interesting to sit back and think of this question. The answer may surprise some people because it is free and you are in total control of it at all times. Drum roll please…. It is YOUR ATTITUDE! It is not the amount of Superfoods you eat, or the amount of miles you run a week, it is your attitude. The reason being is that we have an internal elixir that is more powerful than anything we can put in our bodies. I know this to be true because it has been thoroughly researched by the Daoists. In fact they did the research with impeccable notes and files for 1000 years to come up with the answer to the question “What is more effective to heal oneself, an External elixir (herbs, tonics etc.) or the Internal Elixir?” The resounding answer is the Internal Elixir! We have it all inside ourselves. As Deepak Chopera said, “We all have a Pharmacy w/in the body.”
One of the best things you can do for your Health is to Meditate. If you have trouble just sitting there in silence I have recently found out that if you do healing sounds it is much easier to focus and keep your attention on your own voice. Sit down and get comfortable. Take a large breath into your belly. As you exhale do a low vibrational hum that begins in the throat. Hum for as long as your breath goes and when it ends take another deep breath into your abdomen and repeat for a few minutes. You will be surprised at the lightness you feel in your body at the end of this discipline. Do this every day for a few minutes, the longer, the better. When you have less stress in your body then the internal elixir can do its job. Moving meditations such as Qigong and Tai Chi are also wonderful for the person who can’t just sit and meditate.

Your attitude is so important because it enables you to see things clearer and your energy is flowing so you can get up and move. Then when you go out of your home you are with other people which is critical to your health. It is a domino effect that happens when your attitude is positive that gets you to do healthy actions and is paramount to your own individual wellness. The “Law of Attraction” is really the “Law of Connection” so when you are in a good mood you will connect with positivity and the same goes with being in a bad mood. You are responsible for your attitude and it is one of life’s many gifts that should never be taken for granted!