What can I do in the Morning to make my Body feel better during the Day?

You can do a few things that can become a habit and will definitely make you feel better. Upon waking have 16 oz. cold water w/ Lemon. This can boost your Metabolism (the body’s ability to burn calories) by 25%. That was not a misprint. The lemon also helps detox your liver and alkalizes your blood. Please get toothpaste that DOES NOT contain fluoride. Fluoride slowly calcifies your Pineal Gland (your dream center in your Brain) over time and is also a powerful toxin. Get Mouthwash that DOES NOT contain ALCOHOL! Research shows that if you use this your risk of Oral Cancers goes up as much as 900%. If you think about it Alcohol creates a place where bacteria can thrive so like fluoride does not make much sense to use. Essential oils like Tea Tree make way more sense.

You can use a dry brush on your skin to get your Lymphatic system moving (detox) Joint Rolling is also important to lubricate your joints w/ synovial fluid which reduces pain and protects your joints. Start w/ the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees, and ankles. Do 10 rotations each way. Stretching also helps w/ getting your muscles ready for the day and releases the lactic acid and toxins out of the muscles and relaxes your Central Nervous System. Check some stretches out here: Morning Stretching Exercises.

Breakfast is so important to your body and mind that you should NEVER miss it. It gets your Blood Sugar under control, stops your Brain from eating your Muscle, boosts your Metabolism, controls your hunger for the rest of the day! I take fish oil, borage oil, 1 tblsp Coconut Oil, 5-HTP, Theanine, a probiotic, and 1/2 of a whole food multi-vitamin.

Most importantly get up and be GRATEFUL for another day in this beautiful and challenging reality!