One Thing you can do to Help Your Health

Hello Everyone that reads this 🙂

So I listened to a very knowledgeable man and he said something that really hit home. He stated that one of the best and easiest things you can do to improve your health is to NOT EAT AT NIGHT. It might be hard at first but think about how many calories a week you will be saving your body from taking in. Also Breakfast is called that for a reason. It represents your body breaking a fast. It is really good for your body to detox during the night and if you do not eat after 7pm then your body can focus 100% on that. If you eat your body will be digesting it and the detox will be weaker. I try to make these hints very easy to understand and take action. This one is a secret weapon so if you do it you will see a vast difference in a couple of months in your Health! Come on Spring!