Is your Head buried in the SUGAR?!

Whoa! This is the topic that could change your life for the BETTER!

Why should you pass on the Sugar?

There is actually a list w/ 144 reasons why you should not ingest the stuff! (Dr. Nancy Appleton) Scientific research has just discovered that a Sugar eating session turns off the genes that fight Diabetes and certain Cancers for 2 weeks! I wonder why everyone is getting sick? In Men it also creates Estrogen so if you have a Tofu sandwich (Soy) then dessert you have really messed your hormones up. That reason alone is enough for me! Sugar also creates inflammation and hurts your blood vessels. I could go on and on about the negatives…

“What will help you break the cravings?” you ask

  1. Stop eating processed foods that contain MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup. These two God-awful substances turn off your Hunger Center, have no nutritional value, and propel you to eat Junk for no apparent reason except to make you FEEL better for that one moment. Up to a third of Products from Corporations (ie. Strawberry Preservatives, Ketchup, Cake Frosting, Soda etc.) contain MERCURY in them! You are unknowingly filling YOUR Children up w/ this harmful chemical element!!!
  2. Start having Stevia Extract, not the flakes! This is the magic bullet you have been waiting for. This stuff actually stops you from craving sweets, regulates your blood sugar, is very sweet itself, tastes great. I like to put 10 drops in a glass of water w/ a slice of squeezed lemon. Tastes like lemonade at a fraction of the cost. More important is it stops your SUGAR CRAVINGS!
  3. Agave Syrup. This Syrup is almost a hybrid of Maple Syrup and Honey but does not spike your blood sugar. It is on the Lower End of the Glycemic scale and safe for Diabetics. You can substitute this as well as applesauce in recipes that call for sugar.
  4. Exercise! This helps your Insulin Resistance and reduces your cravings for sweets. Doing Aerobic training at the end of your exercise session will reduce your hunger for the rest of the day! At least 20-30 minutes of jogging or walking up an incline of 6% should do.
  5. EAT FRUIT!!! This one is a no-brainer. We were born w/ a sweet tooth except the sweet tooth is supposed to be for Fruit. There are so many nutrients that fill your sweet craving and give your body what it ACTUALLY NEEDS! For instance an Apple has about 2,000 properties in which Scientists, since I last checked, have only discovered 4! The detoxing properties are powerful, make sure they are Organic. Fruits should be your Medicinal Vitamins not the synthetic kind in Pills. Trust me on this one. If the fruit does not have a thick peel then buy Organic especially Apples and Strawberries.

I know, I know – “I gotta have my chocolate!” you say. Then enjoy in moderation, Not Everyday… That is what Stevia is for! Additional info at – read it if you dare.