How did I lose 40 lbs of Fat and gain 15 lbs. of Muscle in 9 Months?

I know how tough people have it when they want to lose weight. I have been battling this problem ever since I gained weight in college after I finished Tennis Season in my Senior year and worked 16 hours a day to get my degree completed on time. I have been down to 175 when I was 25 yrs old and up to 235 when I was 36 Years old. I made the decision that my health was the most important part of my life and I focused on it 100%! If you don’t focus you will hit so many obstacles that will take you off your path you will be back to square 1 in no time. Your ego wants you to fail then you can be what it truly wants and that is LAZY. That is why you will make every excuse in the book.

I started to walk consistently 45 min a day 5 days a week. This will help you build a solid foundation and get your body used to moving. Being CONSISTENT is the #1 key in weight loss. If you have children then take your kids to the playground and work out on the Jungle Gym. You would be surprised at how many opportunities there are to get a quick workout in. After a few weeks of consistent walking you can upgrade to jogging for a couple of minutes or as long as you can then walk to catch your breath. Do this for 45 minutes and because of the change of speed your body will start to burn the fat.

After this you can start resistance training it can be as simple as push-ups and sit-ups to working with weights. The better you feel the more likely you will want to move, and that is what exercise is, “any type of movement”! Women, walk w/ your Husband or BFF and talk about your day, get some fresh air and connect with one and other.

The other HUGE obstacle is nutrition. Whatever you eat the most Chocolate, Beer, candy, soda, you need to STOP!!! That’s right there is no way around it. Whatever you are addicted to that is ruining your body and health you need to quit cold turkey for at least 30 days, 60 days is better. The first week will be the hardest because your body will be detoxing from it and the toxins will be dieing off and going into your bloodstream. Think about this, you have joint pain, headaches, bad moods, insomnia because of the things you think you love the best! Is this insane thinking or what. If you overdo anything and accumulate toxins the result is pain, not that you are getting old. Then you have stress because of not feeling well! Let us stop this vicious circle and break into freedom. I quit sugar an alcohol for January and February, then again in May and June. My body changed, my core became the strongest it has been since I was 20 and my Joy has returned. Believe me the state I am in is so much better than when I was having whatever I thought I wanted to shovel down my throat. If you have cravings, guess what (chicken butt) seriously you have a mineral deficiency of some sort. The best way to find out is to get a blood test. Then you will know exactly what you need instead of being blind and wasting tons of MONEY on supplements. When you learn what you need you can research the fruits and vegetables, along with having a top grade sea salt which is full of minerals and hydrates the body.

Also you want to eat fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kim-chi, yogurt or kefir. You will be more in balance and when you get the nutrition your body is craving the running to the fridge will cease! Multi vitamins don’t work!!! Why you ask, because they are ground up rocks and humans can’t digest rock. So you are only taxing your kidneys and wallet! The only multi-vitamins that work are those that say WHOLE FOOD on the Label. Plants, on the other hand digest rocks so when you eat veges and fruits you are getting minerals that your body can ABSORB!!!!

You have to make YOUR health top priority, come-on you are getting wiser not older and dumber. If you keep doing the wrong things you will keep getting the same results then there will be a tipping point and your body will begin to break down. If you have seen the “Biggest Loser” you see 400 pound people working out! You can do this!!! The body is meant to heal itself no matter how bad it gets. BUT only if you do the right things to it. If you have any questions about getting started e-mail me at Start walking and thinking about quitting your addiction, whatever that might be. Be consistent and give yourself a year to get where you want to be not 14 days!!!!!!!! Best, Dan