How can I RELAX? Men VS Women

This is a very interesting topic! Men and women who are in a relationship really need to know the Hormonal differences which make them Relax in different ways. The Statement “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” has a lot of science to back it up! Imagine all the insecurities and hurt feelings you can bypass if you can understand exactly what is going on.

Men: Men’s De-stressing hormone is Testosterone! Men create this by competing with one and other through business, watching and playing sports, creating Music together and Weight training. This is why “Honey I am going to watch the game w/ the Fellas'” is so important to a man’s Stress level.

Women: Women’s De-stressing hormone is Estrogen! Estrogen is created by sharing and nourishing relationship through touch, conversation and support. In fact one of the best ways for a woman to De-stress is by going for a walk w/ a girlfriend. Massage also plays an important role for relaxation. This is why when you let your man go play w/ the boys it is your opportunity to go for a walk with one of your own friends, or better yet get a Massage.

Then you can come back together Refreshed and happy knowing that each of you has given the other a great gift and that is the FREEDOM to do what makes them healthier. When you are aware that men and women have different needs then you won’t take it PERSONALLY when the other wants to spend time with their Friends.

If you are intrigued by WHY your mate does what he/she does then I recommend these two web-sites to explore: and