Benefits of Resistance Training Exercise (Women, Read this!)

There are many benefits to training with weights. Many of which you will be saying “Why don’t I know this?” Here is the list:

  1. It increases Bone Density! This is one of the most important benefits. It takes 6-12 months to grow stronger bones while Resistance training. This is the magic pill you have been looking for in regards to Anti-Aging! It can help prevent Osteoporosis but the earlier in life you start the better.
  2. Speeds your Resting Metabolism. Meaning that every pound of Muscle you gain you burn 50 extra calories a day. So if you gain 5 lbs in a year that is 250 calories a day or burning a pound of fat every 2 weeks! And it is free energy, you don’t have to do a thing to burn the extra calories.
  3. Women won’t get Bulky! This is a Myth. To grow Muscle you need to have a certain amount of Testosterone. Thus it is very hard for women to grow muscle. You will instead create Lean Muscle Mass that will make your body longer and leaner. Plus you will double your Strength!
  4. You can banish Type 2 Diabetes! Weight training lowers your sensitivity to insulin (a hormone that is excreted by the Pancreas to lower Blood Sugar in your bloodstream) thus you will not be likely to feel dizzy or exhausted if you do not eat. Type 2 Diabetes is completely reversible and can be corrected w/ Diet and exercise.
  5. Protects your joints and puts you at a lesser risk for severe Arthritis in the future. It also increases Balance, Flexibility and injury prevention.
  6. Increases your mood and decreases Depression. No Brainer here if you move more your blood flow increases getting the necessary nutrients to your tissues, bones and organs!