Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Good Morning all! This will be short since I have to go to feel the benefits of working out! Let’s talk about the benefits of Aerobic Exercise:

  1. Creates capillary density. This means that the more you jog/walk uphill etc. the more blood vessels
    are created. This is so important because capillaries are the means to getting blood and nourishment to your tissues. The more blood you can get to your tissues the less spasms and lactic acid build up you will have in the tissues. This will create a more youthful You!
  2. Creates Mitochondrial Density. These are your little oil refineries. They are also called “cellular power plants”. This is because they turn substance from food into ATP or energy. You need Aerobic respiration to create Mitochondria so Running really helps facilitate this. A great result from Mitochondrial Density is that it may SLOW DOWN AGING!
  3. If you do Anaerobic Training first (weights, intervals, hills) and Aerobic Training (jogging, swimming) last you can shut off your Hunger Center in the Brain and not be a ravenous creature later on in the day.
  4. Drops fat off the body fast. However to Maximize this benefit it is a good thing to weight train at the same time so you keep your muscle.
  5. Keeps your arteries clear by raising good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.
  6. Strengthens the heart. When you run you are training your whole cardiovascular system and your heart has to work less at rest because you increase the volume of blood you can pump out into the body.
  7. You will have less pain because it releases lactic acid along w/ other toxins out of the Muscles.