A personal story….

So last Sunday was the 1st anniversary of my Grandmother’s passing. It was a difficult day for many people who loved her. She and I had a very powerful bond and was my 2nd Mother. It really was an honor to sit and talk with her for so many years. My Grandparents lived with my family and were a very intricate part our lives. The one thing of several things that Granny mastered was the art of communication. She would send out over 100 Christmas cards every year to her huge family, all hand written and very eloquent. She did this labor of Love until she couldn’t do it anymore, I believe it was at 98 years of age when she stopped. It is a feat that will always amaze me and will help me be a better person throughout my life.

As I was walking around Portland I was thinking about all the great times we had and how much she touched my life. It was a picture perfect day, with Sun (which She thought of as “The Holy Spirit”) smiling down on us. All of a sudden I looked down on the ground and saw a packet of “Forever” stamps. Now as my Mother knows the stamps were of particular importance to Granny. It was a running joke w/ my Mom and I that she better get the stamps for Granny pronto or there would be some problems 🙂 I noticed that there were $8.80 worth of stamps and the # 8 being a symbol of eternity and the “forever” on every stamp I definitely got the Message! Chills went up and down my spine and a feeling of warmth entered my being as if to say “everything is all right and this is only the beginning”. I believe my Grandmother was a living Saint, and she must have some special strings to convey this message to me. We are all so very lucky to have been apart of her amazing life.

Here’s to you Granny and I will continue to do my part to help people see that this is only the beginning!